5 New Year’s Resolutions if You’re Retiring in 2021

Happy Holidays from RetireMEDiQ! As 2020 comes to a close, now is a great opportunity to reflect on your goals and priorities for the following year.

Pick a New Year’s resolution that resonates with you, and do your best to stick with it—if you slip up, you can always try again. Be intentional with your resolutions. Don’t be afraid to change them as your objectives shift!

Are you interested in setting a New Year’s resolution? We’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire you, especially if you’re retiring in 2021.

Revisit Your Hobbies and Passions

If you’re retiring soon, you’re about to have more free time than ever before. Being deliberate about how you spend your days can leave you feeling more fulfilled. Consider what hobbies or interests you could pick up to fill your time. Are there any interests you’ve given up over the years that you could return to, or perhaps a skill you’ve always wanted to learn?

This could be painting, scrapbooking, hiking, reading, cooking, or bird watching, among other options. The list is endless!

You can also join clubs to add an element of connection to these activities. Consider joining a book club or attending an exercise classes with friends or neighbors. Even with pandemic restrictions, many of these groups still meet in virtual, distanced, or outdoor settings that allow for safe socializing. By doing these activities with others, you can uphold your resolutions while also lowering your chances of depression and cognitive decline.

Reach Out to Friends

Being more social is a goal that can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. With your newfound free time in retirement, you have the opportunity to catch up with loved ones in a meaningful way. The sooner you start reaching out to people you’d like to rekindle your friendship with, the easier the beginning of your retirement will be!

Make it a resolution in 2021 to connect with loved ones—especially using social media, video chat, and phone calls to keep them safe as we socially distance. Thanks to technology, keeping in touch is easier than ever.

Eat Healthier

It’s never too late to form healthy habits. If you want to improve your diet when you retire in 2021, there are a variety of ways to achieve this goal. You could meet with a dietician to learn easy ways to eat more vegetables or protein. If this doesn’t seem feasible, why not check out a cookbook or online recipes that you can begin adding to your current diet?

Rather than completely overhauling your diet, you’ll be more successful by making small, gradual changes. For example, you could cut out one day of eating fast food or drinking soda each week, or you could add in a couple extra servings of fruit or vegetables. Small habits add up in the long term!

Plan for the Next Phase of Your Life

Your future self will thank you! Retirement is an exciting time, and the more plans you have in place beforehand, the easier you make the transition.

To prepare for retirement, we recommend the following actions.

  • Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Decide when to claim Social Security benefits.
  • Decide when to retire.
  • Plan your retirement budget.
  • Learn how to take money out of your 401K and how to use your HSA funds.
  • Call us for guidance on choosing a Medicare plan.

Retiring in 2021? Let Us Help

Setting a New Year’s resolution will help you live more deliberately and healthily in retirement. If you’re retiring in 2021, we want you to have as smooth a transition to retirement as possible.

Contact our team of advisors for guidance, advice, and enrollment support as you shop for a Medicare plan. You can email your questions to [email protected] or call us at 1-866-407-5180.

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