Attend an Educational Webinar With a Local Medicare Advisor This April

Every month, RetireMEDiQ offers a variety of webinars on the latest topics in Medicare—all hosted by a local Medicare advisor. You and your loved ones can attend these webinars to ask questions and learn in real time. Build your Medicare knowledge when you register!

You can view our April webinar topics here. To save your spot, click the link under the date and time that works best for you.

Medicare 101: Understanding Medicare

Medicare can be complicated, but we’re here to make it simple. You can learn the basics during this free webinar! Join this interactive session to learn about:

  • Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Medicare coverage and costs
  • Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage Plans
  • When and how to sign up for Medicare, and more

Bring your questions! Our experts will be live to give you answers. We invite you and your family members to join us to learn more about your health plan options.

Date: Thursday, April 8

Time: Noon EST

Host: Donna Foster

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Masterclass Part 1: Mistakes to Avoid When Enrolling in Medicare

Enrolling in Medicare comes with a variety of deadlines, requirements, and things to consider. In this webinar, an expert will review:

  • Medicare Parts A and B
  • Medicare costs, coverage, and eligibility
  • How to save money and stress when you sign up
  • Mistakes to avoid when you enroll

When you sign up for this no-cost, online session, you can ask questions and get answers in real time. You can also share the registration link with any of your family or friends who may be enrolling in Medicare soon!

Date: Thursday, April 15

Time: 6:00 p.m. EST

Host: Kevin Lowden

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Masterclass Part 2: Mistakes to Avoid if Working Past Age 65

If you plan to work past age 65, your Medicare enrollment may look different from someone who retired at an earlier age. This webinar will review what you need to know based on your working status. More specifically, our experts will discuss:

You can bring your questions to this session and get answers in real time! Feel free to share the link below with your friends or family who are considering Medicare.

Date: Thursday, April 22

Time: Noon EST

Host: Kay Walters

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Retiring Before Age 65: Your Health Coverage Options

Are you retiring before you are eligible for Medicare at age 65? In this webinar, we break down all your health coverage options:

  • Plans for retirees before Medicare age
  • Coverage for your spouse
  • How to transition to Medicare when you turn 65
  • The pandemic’s impact on retirement and health insurance

Tune in to ask us your questions. You can get advice from a local Medicare advisor in real time!

Date: Tuesday, April 27

Time: Noon EST

Host: Kevin Lowden

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You Can Chat With a Local Medicare Advisor Today

Attending our webinars is a great way to learn more about Medicare. Our local Medicare advisor team can help you determine your eligibility, review your options, and enroll in coverage. You can schedule a call or email [email protected] to get started.

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