3 Months Before Retirement

By RetireMEDiQ

You are three months away from retirement, and it will be here before you know it! If you are aging into Medicare, you can officially sign up for a health plan, so it’s time to get serious about getting things done.

Enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B.

Depending on your situation, you may either be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B three months before turning 65, or you may have to manually enroll. The good news is that, thanks to your six-month counseling meeting with a RetireMEDiQ Benefit Advisor, you will already know what you need to do.

Receive a personal plan recommendation from your RetireMEDiQ Benefit Advisor.

After months of preparation and research, you’re finally ready to make the move to the Medicare plan that is right for you. Lucky for you, your Benefit Advisor does all the research and analysis for you and presents a plan recommendation tailored specifically to your needs, budget and lifestyle. All you have to do is choose.

Sign up for the Medicare plan of your choice.

Not only does your Benefit Advisor provide a tailored plan recommendation just for you, your advisor also walks you through the entire enrollment process, helping you fill out your paperwork and filing it with the insurance company on your behalf.

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