8 Daily Habits That Can Alleviate Arthritis Pain

By RetireMEDiQ

Of the difficult things you or your loved one may experience while living with Arthritis, the pain is often the worst. Here is a list RetireMEDiQ compiled that outlines daily routines you can incorporate to help reduce chronic pain.

1. Exercise

Going for walks with your significant other or friends or walking your dog can help strengthen your muscles around your joints. However, do not push yourself too hard because this strain can result in increased joint pain and joint injury.

Moderate daily exercise can delay the onset of arthritis, even in individuals who have a genetic predisposition for it. Water-based activities are especially helpful for relieving arthritis pain. See if your local gym offers water aerobics classes.

Even stretching for a few minutes a day can make a difference in the pain you experience.

2. Avoid Repetitive Motion

Take breaks to stretch during the day to ensure you are not in the same position or doing the same motion for too long without rest, as this can cause your arthritis to flare-up.

3. Wear the Right Shoes

“The shoes we wear have a substantial impact on the load on the knee joints, particularly when we walk,” Dr. Najia Shakoor, a rheumatologist at Rush Medical College in Chicago, says. In a study of 31 people with osteoarthritis, Dr. Shakoor found that “flat, flexible footwear significantly reduces the load on the knee joints compared with supportive, stable shoes with less flexible soles,” such as clogs.

4. Apply Heat or Ice

Applying heat can include heating pads or patches, warm baths or compresses or warm paraffin wax. Applying heat relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow to the inflamed area.

Applying ice or ice packs (never directly to your skin) reduces inflammation and can help with swelling and lessen joint pain.

5. Consume Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids can help with reducing arthritis pain, according to Bonita S. Libman, MD, a rheumatologist, because they have anti-inflammatory properties. While you need high doses of these fats to receive this benefit, taking supplements like fish oil and eating foods that contain these healthy fats, like salmon and nuts, can help you get there.

6. Soak Up More Vitamin D

Some research suggests that not getting enough vitamin D can increase your risk for joint pain and arthritis. If you do not regularly consume eggs, dairy or sardines or spend much time in the sun, you might consider taking a vitamin D supplement to keep your bones healthy.

7. Take Your Arthritis Medications

Take your medication, even if you’re feeling good because the unpredictability of arthritis can cause a flare-up that you might not be prepared for without taking your medication regularly. You should take them as often as your doctor recommended.

8. Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause increased pain, and pain can cause restless sleep. It’s a vicious cycle. Try to get as close to eight hours of sleep a night as possible, and talk with your doctor about things you can do to sleep better.

Consult your doctor about arthritis pain management or contact RetireMEDiQ’s Client Services team at 1-877-222-1942 or client@retiremediq.com for help finding a doctor who specializes in arthritis.

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About “repetitive motion”… does an activity like playing guitar aggravate arthritis in the hands, or does it help the hands by keeping them limber? Also, are we discussing osteo or rheumatoid arthritis here… does repetitive motion affect them differently?

Jackie Davis
Jackie Davis

Hi John! Thank you for reading our post. Our tips are not geared toward a certain type of arthritis, but are generally helpful habits when dealing with the condition. We recommend you contact your doctor regarding your questions, as they will be able to provide specifics based on your individual needs and situation.