If I Enroll in Medicare, Can I Keep My Doctors?

By RetireMEDiQ

Building rapport with a doctor takes time, so it’s understandable if you would like to continue to see your doctors when you enroll in Medicare. The good news is that you will most likely be able to keep your preferred doctors after enrolling in Medicare. Doctors within a plan’s network vary from plan to plan, so the ability to keep your current doctors depends on which type of Medicare plan you choose (Supplement or Medicare Advantage) and the specific Medicare plan you choose. Regardless of the type of plan you decide upon, our advisors will work with you to ensure that you keep the doctors that are important to you.

Can I Keep My Doctors if I Choose a Supplement Plan?

If your doctor is contracted with Medicare, you will continue to have access to them on a Supplement Plan. Medicare Supplement plans are designed for people to have access to all Medicare providers, regardless of where they live within in the U.S.

Can I Keep My Doctors if I Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

First, it is important to know the different types of Medicare Advantage plans available to you. Medicare Advantage plans are network-based programs. There are two types of Medicare Advantage plans: HMOs and PPOs. HMO plans provide you with a network of doctors to choose from. PPO plans allow you to choose doctors both in- and out- of your network.

Medicare Advantage Plans offer large and far-reaching networks. This means that both HMO and PPO networks often include providers in your city, as well as providers throughout your state. Should you spend your winters in another state, several of these plans include programs to cover providers in other areas.

Which Medicare Advantage Plan is Right for Me?

HMO and PPO plans have a lot in common, and one is not better than another. It all comes down to your individual needs and budget. By looking at your specific circumstances, we can assist you in choosing the right plan for you.

We are here to guide you on your journey to Medicare. To learn more about Medicare plans or to discuss your Medicare questions, call 1-866-600-5638.

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