Tips for Taking Your First Steps to Medicare

By RetireMEDiQ

Health insurance is confusing enough on its own. However, taking the correct first steps to Medicare can be downright overwhelming. If you find yourself confused or frustrated by the rules of Medicare, take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

More than 10,000 Baby Boomers a day will turn 65 over the next several years, and many of them admit to knowing little or nothing about Medicare. But making your first Medicare decisions does not have to be stressful. Having the right help and resources can make the process simple and stress-free, enabling you to focus on what’s important – living your life!

When it comes to your entry into Medicare, RetireMEDiQ can help you determine what the right steps are for you and when the best time to take them is.

Let’s start by answering some basic questions about entry into Medicare.

Are you turning 65 soon?

For many, three months before your 65th birthday is your first opportunity to enroll in Medicare. The first step for some is to sign up for Part A and Part B.

For some folks, Medicare enrollment is automatic, but others have to manually enroll by calling or visiting your local Social Security office.

Are you or your spouse planning to continue working past 65?

If you or your spouse don’t plan to retire at 65 and you have access to employer coverage, you may want to delay enrolling in Part B. (The best way to know whether you should delay Part B enrollment or not is to talk to your HR department and get their advice.)

By actively deferring Part B, you protect yourself from being penalized later on. Once you do retire and no longer have employer coverage, you will be granted an eight-month enrollment window (called a Special Enrollment Period or SEP) to sign up for Part B.

When you do retire, who will you turn to for guidance?

Medicare is confusing, but a smooth transition onto the Medicare plan that’s right for you is within reach. You just need the right health plan advisor to help you.

That’s where we come in! RetireMEDiQ provides objective health plan guidance to retirees and those considering retirement in Ohio and the surrounding areas. Best of all, our services are provided at no cost to you.

We help our clients review the hundreds of health plan options available to them and identify the plan that is right for their needs. We even help clients enroll in the plan of their choice, from filling out the paperwork all the way to submitting it to the insurance company.

Once an individual becomes a client by enrolling in a plan through RetireMEDiQ, they can rest assured that they have year-round support with plan issues from our friendly Client Services team and in knowing that they are enrolled in the right health plan for them.

For more information on Medicare and your individual situation, call RetireMEDiQ at 1-866-600-5638.

We are a team of compassionate experts who are ready to help you determine your path into the Medicare plan that’s right for you. We look forward to helping you!

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