What Services Does Part B Cover for Those with Diabetes?

By RetireMEDiQ

The Facts

Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not properly convert blood sugar (glucose), which is the body’s primary source of fuel (converted from food), into energy for itself. More than one in four adults over the age of 65 are affected by diabetes.

Approximately 90 to 95 percent of Americans with diabetes have been diagnosed with type 2, which most commonly occurs in adults over the age of 45. Individuals with type 2 diabetes process insulin improperly or produce less than the amount of insulin needed. This results in an accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream, which prevents it from reaching the body’s cells as it should.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Below are some of the common symptoms those with type 2 diabetes can experience.

  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Excessive thirst or hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination
  • Tingling/numbness in the feet or hands
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Depression

Diabetic Services Covered by Part B

For those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent other serious conditions from occurring. Individuals with type 2 diabetes have a heightened risk of developing heart disease, eye disease, nerve damage, gum disease, foot complications, kidney disease, and stroke, among other health issues.

Medicare Part B covers several services for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, including those listed below, which are designed to assist diabetics with their overall health. If you have diabetes, we encourage you to take advantage of these services.

  • Annual Eye Exam: Part B covers an annual eye exam for diabetic retinopathy if performed by an eye doctor who is legally permitted to perform the test in your state of residence.
  • Foot Exam: Part B covers one foot exam every six months if you have not seen a foot care professional for another reason between visits.
  • Glaucoma Tests: Part B covers one glaucoma test every 12 months. The test must be performed or supervised by an eye doctor who is legally permitted to perform the test in your state of residence.

Please note that the services above are covered by Part B for diabetics, but in each case, there will likely be a charge for the office visit. Before scheduling your appointment, we recommend confirming that the provider and facility are in-network with your Medicare plan.

As always, your wellbeing is our top priority. Please contact your physician to discuss advice or questions about diabetes as it relates to your personal health history.

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