Thank You for Choosing RetireMEDiQ to Serve You During AEP!

By RetireMEDiQ

Medicare’s 2017 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) recently ended, and we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our clients for their continued trust! Our team at RetireMEDiQ recognizes the unique privilege we have to make a difference in the lives of clients like you by ensuring they have the information and advice needed to make the right healthcare coverage decision for their lifestyle.

During AEP, our Renewal Advisors spoke with clients by phone and in-person to assess their Medicare plan for 2018. Some had experienced a change in their health or financial status in the last year and requested our assistance with a cost-analysis of different plans to find one to meet their healthcare needs in the coming year. Prior to these appointments, our dedicated Research Team reviewed plans for clients based on their physician preferences and current prescriptions. Our Renewal Advisors provided a plan recommendation for the client and advised whether the research indicated a new plan was needed or if the client should remain on their current plan.

Throughout AEP, we serviced clients who called us with plan-renewal related questions. Our knowledgeable Renewal Support Team provided information and answers, and when needed, researched different plan options based on each client’s needs.

Additionally, we hosted multiple client group educational meetings to review 2018 plan details, including benefits that were new or would remain the same, as well as those that would change in the coming year. A Question and Answer session was held at the end of each meeting. Our RetireMEDiQ team enjoyed the opportunity to provide clarity to these groups of clients, and many attendees commented that they found the meetings to be very insightful.

Below are some fast facts from this year’s AEP!

  • Client Renewal Meetings Held (Phone and In-Person): 2,758
  • Client Renewal Support Team Reviews Conducted: 1,134
  • Client Renewal – Related Inbound Phone Calls: 7,567
  • Client Renewal – Related Voicemails Received and Returned: 1,731
  • Client Group Educational Meetings Held: 11

For the past 10 years, RetireMEDiQ has been a leading provider in Medicare health insurance guidance.  We are honored to receive feedback from clients who expressed their appreciation for the assistance they received from our knowledgeable team during AEP! How did we help you during AEP this year? Comment below!

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