Medicare Misconception: “Medicare Advantage Plans Have Limited Networks”

It’s no secret that Medicare Advantage (MA) plans get stronger each year. In fact, MA plans are recommended and the leading plan choice for the majority of Medicare beneficiaries today because of their rich benefits and good coverage. If you aren’t enrolled in an MA plan, you may have some hesitations when it comes to this type of plan.

Do You Think Medicare Advantage Plans Have Limited Networks?

If you’ve ever thought, “Medicare Advantage plans have limited networks,” our client advisors at RetireMEDiQ want to give you a better understanding of the provider and hospital networks in MA plans.

Flashback: How Provider and Hospital Networks in MA Plans Used to Be

Years ago, the provider and hospital networks in MA plans were small and limited. Individuals on this type of plan found it difficult to find preferred doctors covered by their plan.

Additionally, doctors and hospitals would drop in and out of networks frequently, causing inconsistency. Because of this, many people found MA plans to be unstable and unreliable.

Today: Stronger Provider and Hospital Networks

MA plan provider and hospital networks have much more stability and many more options. While there are still some limitations, networks have grown substantially.

For example, if you live in Ohio, most MA plans allow you the flexibility to visit well-known hospitals such as the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio State University hospitals, and the James Cancer Center, no matter where in Ohio you reside.

RetireMEDiQ offers many MA plans that can meet your needs. The first step in learning more about the Medicare Advantage plans we offer is reaching out to us. During Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 to Dec. 7), you can review your plan with a client advisor and make changes to your plan. Although you can’t change plans until then, it’s never too early to get your questions answered!

Reach out to Your Client Advisors

Your client advisors are here for you and ready to answer questions you have about MA plans. So if you think, “Medicare Advantage plans have limited networks,” remember that MA plan networks are stronger than ever before! If you’d like to learn more, contact us at 1-877-222-1942 or [email protected].

Not a client of ours yet? Contact us at 1-866-407-5180 or [email protected] for expert guidance in Medicare!

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