Dental & Vision Coverage With Medicare Advantage

It’s no secret that Medicare Advantage (MA) plans come with additional benefits that Supplement plans typically do not. Usually, Supplement plans don’t offer benefits such as dental and vision, so you have to pay extra for these benefits. MA plans, however, often have built-in benefits that cover dental and vision. Here’s how it works!

Dental and Vision Coverage With Medicare Advantage

Most of the time, Medicare beneficiaries must purchase separate dental and vision insurance. Original Medicare doesn’t cover dental services like cleanings, dentures, or fillings. It also excludes vision services such as routine eye exams and glasses. If you are on Original Medicare, you can purchase separate dental and vision coverage to help with those items and services.

However, Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, are all-inclusive and typically offer dental and vision as a built-in part of the plan. In addition, MA plans offer many other benefits. Some examples could include:

  • An over-the-counter allowance
  • Telehealth
  • A grocery gift card
  • Fitness programs

And more.

What Else Does Medicare Advantage Offer?

In addition to the great benefits MA offers, this plan type often helps save people money on health care expenses. These plans often save people an average of more than $1,800 per year on health costs! Plus, you can also expect a low or zero-dollar premium. For more on cost savings with MA, read our recent blog post.

How We Can Help as Your Local Advisors in Medicare

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