RetireMEDiQ is an independent health plan advisory service that offers trusted guidance to individuals in need of insurance options due to retirement.
RetireMEDiQ provides personal health plan advice to individuals in need of insurance options due to retirement.
Specifically, we help reduce the stress that comes with comparing and enrolling in health plans like Medicare for individuals who are planning their retirement, turning 65 years old or evaluating their current retirement health care plan. We specialize in advising individuals located in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and surrounding regions.
RetireMEDiQ also supports businesses by providing services directly to their retiring employees. For more information on offering RetireMEDiQ to retiring employees, visit our Partner Services page.
RetireMEDiQ provides retirees with the information, guidance and support they need to help them choose the insurance plan that best meets their retirement budget, needs and lifestyle—at no cost to them.

Our goal is to simplify the process of finding the right health plan for our clients. By partnering with RetireMEDiQ, our clients can expect:

• Tailored, one-on-one health plan advice: to better understand plan options, including costs, coverage, and important enrollment details.

• Assistance enrolling in a health plan: to ensure proper coverage is in place, plus advice on how to avoid fines, penalties, and missed deadlines.

• Ongoing and frequent communication to stay updated and ahead of important changes and key dates regarding enrollment in health insurance plans.

• Annual open enrollment guidance: Information to stay updated and ahead of important changes and key dates regarding enrolling in health insurance plans.

• Year-round advocacy in resolving complex health plan issues such as:
o Plan Questions
o Billing Issues
o ID Cards
o Plan Materials
o Carrier Updates
o Plan Renewal

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Our services are provided at no cost to our clients. How? Insurance companies pay us a fee when our clients enroll in their plans. This fee does not impact the amount clients pay for the plan, nor does it impact which plans our experts recommend. Because health plans are regulated by the government, a plan’s price is exactly the same whether our clients sign up through an insurance company, a health care exchange, a broker or with trusted guidance from the experts at RetireMEDiQ.

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Getting started with RetireMEDiQ is easy. Simply submit your information online, or call our offices at 1-844-388-6565. A trusted Benefit Advisor will reach out to you to better understand how we can serve you.
Our diverse portfolio of plans from multiple insurance providers enables us to offer unbiased and objective advice. At RetireMEDiQ, every decision is made with our clients in mind, and we seek out partners who have three important qualities:
1. Stability: We perform a careful review of an insurer’s track record and look for ongoing dependability. It is important that we can rely on our partners, especially in times of health care change and reform.
2. Affordability: We choose to offer health care plans that meet our client’s financial situations without sacrificing quality or options. Our clients come to us looking for the right plan for their retirement budget, needs and lifestyle.
3. High Customer Satisfaction: We are here to provide peace of mind regarding health care coverage, which is why we partner with companies that have high customer satisfaction ratings, have strong star ratings, and are popular within our service area.
They are one in the same. MB Senior Solutions is a company that started in 2007 with the simple objective of assisting retirees with their Medicare plan decisions. We recently changed our company name to RetireMEDiQ to reflect our long-standing and continued emphasis on working with retirees to provide personal health plan advice. Retirees can work with RetireMEDiQ to find the health insurance plan that best meets their requirement budget, needs and lifestyle.
To better serve our clients, we have two office locations:
• 9080 Springboro Pike, Suite 100; Miamisburg, OH 45342
• 4623 Wesley Avenue Suite P; Norwood, OH 45212
Our team of licensed advisors is available throughout the year to answer questions and provide support. To connect with us, please visit our Contact Us page to find our updated contact information.
As you may be aware, the number of ACA Individual Market plans, both on- and off-exchange, has been limited due to many carriers no longer offering plan options for 2018. As a result, RetireMEDiQ will not be able to offer Marketplace plans for 2018. Even though we cannot assist you in enrolling in one of these plans, below are some trusted resources as you consider your 2018 options.


CareSource: 1-800-479-9502 or and click on Marketplace Plans 1-800-318-2596 or where you can access links to insurance carriers and plans


Individual Marketplace plans will be available during the open enrollment period (November 1 – December 15, 2017) so be sure to take action during this period.