MAPD Plans: What’s in it for you?

Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage, also called MAPDs, offer a streamlined way to manage medical costs and coverage with a single plan. Original Medicare, which includes Medicare Parts A and B, offers a great base of health care coverage, but it leaves out several benefits that are important to seniors. MAPDs often fill that gap with coverage for prescription medications, expanded telehealth services, and benefits like dental, vision, and fitness opportunities within your community. You can further explore the basics of Medicare Advantage plans here.

It’s important that you find the plan that will work right for your needs. RetireMEDiQ advisors are excellent resources for understanding your plan options and ensuring you’re enrolled in the right plan for you. Each year, our advisors review available plans and can walk you through options, answer your questions, and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re enrolled in a plan that will meet your needs. Most of the important work is done prior to selecting a plan, so take advantage of our services to help you make your decision with confidence.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most of your MAPD plan:  

  • Compare plans available to you: This may feel obvious, but MAPDs are offered by private insurance companies and plans can vary from company to company. Each plan can come with its own costs and coverage limitations, so it’s important to find out which plans are available to you and understand the differences between them. Our team knows how to quickly and efficiently compare plans using our plan comparison tools, so we can help you streamline the selection process.
  • Review covered medications: All MAPDs include prescription drug coverage, but not all MAPDs cover the same medications. If you have a list of medications that you routinely take, work with your RetireMEDiQ Advisor make sure your MAPD plan includes those specific medications.
  • Explore pharmacy options: Different insurance companies have relationships with different pharmacies. As a result, MAPDs can specify particular pharmacies that are considered ‘in plan.’ You may incur fees or higher costs if you fill your prescriptions at a pharmacy that’s out of your plan.
  • Check for OTC benefits: Some MAPDs offer over-the-counter (OTC) benefits that provide a discounted rate for medications and medical supplies purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy. The savings can add up, and some plans offer significant discounts (like up to 40 percent off OTC medications). We will help you check for these benefits!
  • Become familiar with your plan’s lifestyle benefits: Your MAPD plan may vary from your neighbor’s MAPD plan, so be sure you fully understand what’s available to you and take advantage of the benefits! If your plan offers fitness benefits, we can assist you in finding out where you can attend classes and your virtual options for at-home workouts.

In the world of retirement health insurance plans, MAPDs are widely considered a “one-stop shop” style of plan. The convenience of having a single plan with one premium payment, which is often less expensive than other types of plans, makes MAPDs a popular choice with seniors across the country. Their popularity has grown as more companies offer competitive plans with a lot of features and benefits, which means it’s a shoppers’ market in selecting the right plan for your specific needs, budget and preferences.

If you are unsure of how to select the right plan for your needs, you can rely on RetireMEDiQ for help! Our team is constantly assessing and comparing plans available to seniors in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and we can help you every step of the way. After all, once you work with RetireMEDiQ, we are here to serve you – for life.

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