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We developed The RetireMEDiQ Program to better serve you. This program delivers five pillars of service and Personalized Communications is our first pillar. Through this pillar, we offer a custom email newsletter that is delivered to your inbox!

Our team of dedicated content specialists creates and shares timely articles and announcements through the RetireMEDiQ Newsletter. We offer you the ability to select the topics of interest you wish to receive from us. Best of all, our newsletter format ensures that you will never miss an update—we will send everything directly to your email so you are always informed. Your newsletter will include important information about Medicare, health and wellness and industry happenings.

If you are signed up to receive our RetireMEDiQ Newsletter, you can personalize the settings below at any time! All you have to do is click the line that looks like the one outlined in red below, which is located at the top of all of our newsletter emails.


Select topics that are personally interesting to you! With a variety of different topics to choose from, you can customize exactly what is included in your newsletter.


Select how frequently you hear from us, as well as the time of day and the day of the week that you’d like to receive your newsletter.


Whether you love images or prefer to receive just the headlines, you have options. Select the newsletter format you prefer, and that’s how we’ll deliver it.

The constant inundation of information about Medicare and planning for your retirement health care needs can be overwhelming. We are giving you the power to choose how and when you are informed.

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