How We Offer Our Services at No Cost to Our Clients

As you may know, RetireMEDiQ is an independent retirement health plan advisory service. As a part of our services, we provide trusted guidance to the right Medicare plan for you and your needs at no cost to you.

Yep, you read that right. We offer our many advisory services, including…

  • One-on-one health plan advice
  • Assistance enrolling in your health plan
  • Year-round support with complex health plan issues

…all at no cost to you!

So, we know what you’re thinking: “How can you offer all those services for without charging? There must be a catch.”

Believe it or not, there’s no catch! We mean it when we say that you do not pay for our services. Here’s how it all works.

Our Advice and Support Costs You Nothing

All health plans are heavily regulated by the government and include a consulting fee in the price. Therefore, we take that consulting fee and use it to fund our organization. Because health plans are government-regulated, a plan’s price is exactly the same, whether you sign up directly through an insurance company, an Exchange, a broker or RetireMEDiQ.

So, we can guess what you’re wondering now: “How do I know that the plan you recommend for me is really the right plan for my needs?”

We Offer Objective, Unbiased Health Plan Advice

As we mentioned before, the government highly regulates private health plans to protect consumers. The government’s oversight ensures that the price you pay for a particular plan will be the same regardless of how you enroll, whether it’s on your own through an insurance company or with the support of a health plan advisor like RetireMEDiQ.

Thus, you can always count on health plan advice from our team of experts that is truly all about you, your needs and your preferences.

What is the Difference in How You Sign Up for Coverage?

The value you receive in working with us. You can enroll on your own through an Exchange or directly through an insurer. However, using a health plan advisor like RetireMEDiQ means you receive more service, support and ongoing help.

The Value of RetireMEDiQ

We save you time. Even if you understand insurance, it’s time-consuming to determine which is the right plan. It takes even more time to compare these options to each other. We do all of this for you.

We save you money. We don’t just look at premiums and deductibles – we consider your health care habits to understand how you use your plan. Through our personalized approach, we identify the plan that is the right fit for your individual preferences and budget.

We help you understand your plan. We don’t just recommend a health plan option – we explain why it makes sense for you. Personal advice means that we answer all of your questions and ensure you feel good about the plan you choose to enroll in, which equals “health plan peace of mind.”

At RetireMEDiQ, our goal is to do the right thing for each client, every time. With more than 27,000 local clients, we are experts in retiree health plans so you don’t have to be!

Want to learn more about RetireMEDiQ? You can call us at 1-866-600-5638 or go to We would love to hear from you!

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