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Retirement comes with a lot of planning, and your retirement health care is no exception. Start preparing for the transition from your current insurance to Medicare coverage with our step-by-step guides and planning resources.

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Whether you’re two years away from retirement or five years away, it’s never too soon to start thinking about the steps you will need to take and begin preparing for them. Two or more years before retirement, you should consider:

  • What is your expected retirement date?
  • When do you plan to take Social Security benefits
  • How will retirement affect your Health Savings Account?
  • What will health care cost in retirement?
  • Who will help you with your retirement health care decisions?

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Getting to the 12-month mark for your retirement journey is a milestone. Hopefully by this point, you have started the initial research process and have a general understanding of where to begin. But no matter where you are at the 12-month mark, here are the important next steps you should take.

  • Attend a pre-retirement seminar or watch a webinar to make sure you have the most important information
  • Begin learning the basics about your health plan options (Medicare or Marketplace plans)
  • Outline your to-do list (or just keep this information)

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Retirement is officially on the horizon – only six months away! At this point, it’s time to start taking some action steps toward this exciting life event.

  • Schedule a pre-retirement counseling session with one of our licensed Benefit Advisors. During this session, your advisor will ask you about your unique situation, what your plans in retirement are, and many other factors that will determine your important next steps.

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You are three months away from retirement, and it will be here before you know it! If you are aging into Medicare, you can officially sign up for a health plan, so it’s time to get serious about getting things done. Here are some things you will likely need to do:

  • Enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B.
  • Receive a personal plan recommendation from your RetireMEDiQ Benefit Advisor.
  • Sign up for the Medicare plan of your choice.

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After months and maybe even years of planning, you have finally reached the milestone of retirement. While you have certainly put in the hours of research and preparation, there are still some things to keep in mind to ensure your retirement continues to be smooth sailing.

  • What to expect when you retire
  • How Medicare’s open enrollment works and what it means for you
  • Things to know if you decide to go back to work after retiring

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