RetireMEDiQ Highlight: Research Team

As a client of RetireMEDiQ, you can enjoy the benefits of having a compassionate, personal staff of experts working on your behalf to make health care simpler. But who are the people working for you and what do they do?

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Let’s highlight our RetireMEDiQ Research Team!

Who is the RetireMEDiQ Research Team?

The Research Team is made up of highly-trained specialists who are detail oriented and enjoy facts and numbers. Members of our Research Team demonstrate health plan know-how that is second to none, and they work all year long to stay fluent in the area’s evolving health plans and networks.

What do they do?

The Research Team’s sole purpose is to do the homework of comparing health plans for you. RetireMEDiQ Research Specialists use the information you give us to analyze the hundreds of plan options available in your area and determine which plan is right for your needs.

What information do they use to determine which plan is right for you?

The information you provide to us through our Preference Profile! On the Preference Profile, we ask important questions about your health plan needs and priorities like:

  • How often you plan to travel
  • Doctors you see
  • Prescriptions you take
  • Pharmacies, hospitals, etc. you prefer
  • And more!

Knowing whether your plan will cover these things, and at what amount, is critical to understanding the true cost of your health plan. We consider things that aren’t factored into online plan comparisons, and that’s part of what makes RetireMEDiQ different.

When can they help me?

The RetireMEDiQ Research Team is ready to help you identify your ideal health plan option right when you are. Whether you are:

  • Not yet age 65 and thinking about retiring
  • Turning 65 and going on Medicare for the first time
  • A Medicare beneficiary trying to decide if your plan is right for you

No matter what your situation is, our Research Specialists are ready to compare your options.

Why should I rely on them?

Why rely on our team of Research Specialists to identify the plan options that best meet your needs? Because you do not want to navigate the maze of health care on your own! Our specialists are highly trained and undergo continuing education to maintain their level of expertise and grow their knowledge. They are available to do all the legwork of sorting through plan details for you – saving you hours of stressful online investigating and helping you save money on your plan costs.

Best of all, as with all of our services, the Research Team does all this at no cost to you!

Medicare can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to our team of compassionate experts, more than 25,000 clients have gained health plan peace of mind and so can you!

To get started, call 1-866-600-5638 or click here to learn more online.


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