We are retirement health insurance advisors.

We are ready to help, no matter when you begin the search
for your retirement health care plan.

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Planning Your Retirement

We support early and new retirees as you leave work and move from group to individual coverage.

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Turning 65

As you turn 65, you will be eligible to choose a Medicare plan for the first time. We can help you evaluate and select the right plan for you.

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Reviewing Your Current Plan

If you’re already enrolled in a Medicare plan, we can review your plan and provide assurance that your current coverage is right for you.

Take charge of choosing the health plan that’s right for you.

RetireMEDiQ offers the support you need to pick the right plan for your retirement lifestyle.

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Personalized health plan advice

Receive tailored advice to help you better understand your plan options, including costs, coverage, and important enrollment details.


Assistance enrolling in a health plan

Get the proper coverage in place when you need it and avoid fines, penalties, and missed deadlines.

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Year-round support

Reduce your stress with our year-round support of:

  • Plan Questions
  • Billing Issues
  • ID Cards
  • Plan materials
  • Carrier Updates
  • Plan Renewal


Annual open enrollment guidance

Stay updated and ahead of important changes and key dates regarding your health insurance plan.

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Expert recommendations at
no cost to you

Our services are provided at no cost to you. How? Insurance companies pay us a fee when you enroll. This fee does not impact the amount you pay for the plan, nor does it impact which plans our experts recommend to you. For more details, click below learn how we can offer our services at no cost to our clients.

Learn more about “No Cost”

Ready to learn more?

Understanding your options has never been easier. Check out the RetireMEDiQ Resource Library for more information.