The Client Engagement Team at RetireMEDiQ

As a client of RetireMEDiQ, you have access to our licensed client advisors who are part of our Client Engagement Team. Our client advisors are one part of our team of local advisors in Medicare. They offer Medicare guidance to you year-round. Our team has put together applicable information about the services our client advisor team offers!

Who Are the Client Advisors?

After enrolling in a plan with a RetireMEDiQ benefit advisor, you work with our team of licensed client advisors from that point on. Client advisors handle any enrollment needs for you as necessary after your initial enrollment. They educate and inform you on important Medicare and plan-related matters. They also work with you year-round and advocate on your behalf to make sure your health plan needs are met.

What Do Client Advisors Do for You Year-Round?

Client advisors provide education on Medicare-related topics and resolve plan-related questions and issues. Examples of these services include:

  • Confirming if a prescription is on your formulary
  • Checking your network status for specific providers
  • Confirming and providing details about your plan benefits
  • Clarifying questions about your plan such as verifying if a certain vaccine is covered
  • Helping with billing questions or issues such as appealing denied medical or prescription claims
  • Educating you on important Medicare information such as the Part A/B premiums and the Part B deductible when released each year
  • Informing you on noteworthy Medicare updates
  • Reviewing and explaining your Medicare premium bill

What Do Client Advisors Do for You During the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)?

Client advisors work with you during AEP to ensure your health coverage is still the right fit for you. You’ll find that they’ll help you:

  • Keep you informed on any important changes affecting your plan for the new plan year
  • Review and assess your Medicare plan as needed to:
    • Determine if a change is necessary based on your needs or plan changes
    • Review your plan benefits for the upcoming year

Your Local Advisors in Medicare

As mentioned, our client advisors are here for you all year. If you ever need assistance from our local advisors in Medicare at any point, please reach to us at 1-877-222-1942 or For additional information about our services and frequently asked questions, visit our client resources page.

If you’re not yet a client of RetireMEDiQ but want to learn more information, our licensed program advisors can help you get started! Contact 1-866-407-5180 or

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