9 Tips for Calling Your Insurance Company

Every day, we interact with insurance companies on behalf of clients to resolve billing issues and get answers to plan-related questions. We know first-hand that contacting large companies can sometimes be tricky, which is why we are always ready to make those calls on your behalf. However, if you prefer to call your insurance company directly, we’ve compiled some of our team’s best strategies for optimal communication. See our list below!

  1. Have your insurance ID card with you.
  2. Write down the question(s) you would like to ask before calling, so you can be sure to address each of them.
  3. Find a time to call when you will not be in a hurry.
  4. Pressing “0” can often get you to a representative faster. Phone prompts can be confusing sometimes, so it’s helpful to listen to them carefully.
  5. If calling about a bill, know the date of service and the name of the provider (doctor or hospital) for the specific bill in question.
  6. When calling about coverage for a doctor or medication, double check the spelling of your doctor’s name and/or the prescription.
  7. If you are calling on behalf of your spouse, he or she may need to give the insurance company verbal permission for you to speak on their behalf. Your spouse can also submit a consent form to the insurance company.
  8. Take notes! Write down the insurance representative’s name, the information they provide and any reference numbers they share.
  9. Allow our team to assist you! We can arrange a conference call with the insurance company and help you navigate the problems you’re facing.

We hope you’ll find our tips to be useful, but if you’d prefer not to handle contacting your insurance company on your own, we are here to make your experience stress-free! Please contact us at 1-877-222-1942 or client@retiremediq.com if you would like our support.

If you are not a RetireMEDiQ client and have questions about how we can serve you, please contact us at 1-866-600-5638 or advice@retiremediq.com to get started on your Medicare journey.

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