Tips for Using Our Services as a Client at RetireMEDiQ

As a client at RetireMEDiQ, you have access to our licensed client advisors who offer you lifelong support. We encourage you to take advantage of the services we provide you! Below are some tips on how to optimize our services.

Save Our Contact Information in Your Phone

By saving our contact information, you can be sure a call from our team is not a spam call. You’ll also find that when you have a question, reaching out to us will be much simpler when our phone number is right at your hands. Add [email protected] to your email contacts and save the number 1-877-222-1942 and 1-937-260-4360 in your phone.

If You Have Questions About Documents, Have Them in Front of You

When you have a question regarding a bill or claim, you can prepare for your phone call with us by having the necessary paperwork in front of you. Doing this ensures that we have all the information needed to help you.

Update Us When Your Contact Information Changes

When we have your most recently updated information, we’re able to send you timely Medicare and plan-related information that applies to you. Please let us know if any of the following items change so we can serve you best:

  • Your email address
  • Your home address
  • Your mailing address, if different than your home address
  • Your phone number

Let Us Know Who to Authorize

If you’d like to authorize a loved one who can speak on your behalf with RetireMEDiQ, we can add them to our records for you. You can do this by calling our team.

Sign up to Receive Emails and Our Newsletter

We use our email and newsletter platforms to get important information to you quickly. Opting into emails from RetireMEDiQ means you’ll receive timely Medicare updates, important plan information, and tips about Medicare and our services.

When you sign up to receive our personalized RetireMEDiQ newsletter, you get to choose the type of information that shows up in your inbox! Some of the categories you can choose from include Medicare FAQs, RetireMEDiQ client tips, health and wellness, Medicare industry updates, and more. Contact us if you’d like to be opted in!

Stay in Touch With Our Client Advisors

When you have questions, we’re here to help! Contact our client advisors at 1-877-222-1942 or [email protected]. You can also use our client resources page as a helpful guide on some frequently asked questions.

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